To floor-plan or not to floor-plan – that is the question?

Well, really there is not too much of a debate to be had when considering the above. Rightmove, one of the leading property portals, has surveyed potential buyers and house hunters and the results speak for themselves. The report concludes that 37% of potential buyers would be less likely to enquire about a property without a floor-plan. One in five said they would either ignore the property advert completely or only re-visit if nothing else caught their eye.

Prospective purchasers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the array of possible property portals available to them. The data available can be presented in many different formats and can be overwhelming to the point of information overload. However, it should be remembered that with so much choice, your property only gets a very limited time to attract the attention of the viewer – so initially, simplicity is the key!

Most portals have excellent search facilities, providing options where you can state location, price range etc., so you can narrow your search to what you are looking for. So, on our PC or mobile device, we are presented with a list of possible properties that meets our requirements. Good start!

USP’s – unique selling points, eg., what makes the property stand out from the rest, along with good photographs, should be the first thing that prospective purchasers see. They are now interested enough to flick through the images – progress!

Does the property have the basic criteria required, number of bedrooms, parking or garage, south facing garden? Yes? Great – we are in with a chance.

Ok – so what is the layout of the property I’m already thinking about booking an appointment to view?

Oh no – what’s this? There is a mile long passage of text for me to read…… Ok – floor plan first. Where is the floor plan?

Oh no, there isn’t one!

Can I be bothered to read all of this? Or shall I take a sneaky peek at the next property in my search first? Why not, I can always come back to this property when I have more time.

But the question needs to be asked – will they?

A floor plan can provide so much information to the prospective purchaser in such a short space of time, so if you are trying to attract an audience to your property, it should be strongly considered. With one in five potential purchasers not even willing to explore the attributes of your property without there being a floor plan available, answers the question. Also remember, with mobile access to property portals due to overtake fixed internet access by 2015, viewing property particulars on mobile devices, tablets and mobile phones, are much more user friendly when a floor-plan is available.

So when your estate agent suggests that a floor-plan would be a good idea, don’t look at this as an un-necessary expense, but as part of your marketing package. To floor-plan – should be the answer.

Issue Date: Autumn 2014

Information Sources: – Rightmove and The Guild of Professional Estate Agents

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